Hiring a Calligrapher

Hello friends! How are we doing!? Great I hope!

I wanted to speak to all the brides-to-be out there today! I know professional calligraphy is huge in todays wedding world so I wanted to give you guys some insight into calligraphy pricing.

I don't really promote myself when I'm out in public. So when I'm speaking to someone and they mention they're getting married I ask them questions to get a better understanding of what todays brides are thinking/interested in and one of the most heard comments is "calligraphy costs so much". I totally understand where they're coming from because on the outside looking in its reasonable to think "wow. $325 for 125 envelopes!?" I get it. But today I really want to share with you WHY calligraphy does cost "so much". 

There are many factors to consider...
-The time it takes to write out the addresses (for example it takes me 1 hour to write out 15 envelopes)
-The level of skill of the calligrapher
-Administrative work (such as emails/meetings between client & calligrapher, setting up address in a doc, etc)
-And MUCH more! 

Elisabeth Young, who is a fellow calligrapher explains it so well in this video. Take a look! I hope this helps you with deciding if professional calligraphy is something you'd like to include in your wedding budget. 


Fancy Seeing You Here

 Hey friends! I'm Jen.

I'm SO excited to have a platform where I can share snippets of encouragement, calligraphy/stationery info (and of course cute freebies) with you guys! Well without furtheradue here it is. Nothing fancy. Just me sharing my heart with y'all!

I know there are a lot of familiar faces reading this right now but in case you're new to following JKC heres a little about me...

  • I'm 29 years old (I always like finding out how old people are. not sure why. maybe because I'm always surprised)
  • I've been married to my hubs Keenan for 8 years
  • we have 2 freakin' cute kiddos (girl & boy)
  • I live in the Cincinnati area
  • Tacos are the greatest (Frida 602 in Covington, Ky has THE BEST tacos!)
  • Coffee is too (year-round iced coffee drinker)
  • I love laughing (who doesn't)
  • If I see something that has romantic florals or pink on it I have to have it
  • I've been a calligrapher for almost 3 years
  • I've been designing wedding stationery for 1 year
  • I'm an ENFJ

What to Expect

My prayer and goal for this blog is to encourage you. To give you 5-10 mintues of motivation for your day by sharing my art with you through downloadable freebies, wedding stationery/calligraphy info, faith based snippets and more importantly, to give you a place to feel welcome no matter who/where you are.

I plan to share 1-2 of these a month but being a mom, business owner, and wife might prevent me from doing that so some months may lack and I'm okay with that. I'm also not a professional writer so please dont call the grammar police on me haha! There are bound to be a lot of run-ons and typos. 

I'm pretty much an open book you guys. Whatever questions you have for me or if you have any ideas or suggestions on what you'd like me to write about please let me know! You can email me at jenkcalligraphy@gmail.com - Thanks for joining in on the fun and following along. I appreciate you!

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