A Few of My Favorite Things

Okay okay, no I'm not a fashion or beauty blogger... BUT... I am a woman and I love myself a good product share! (what woman doesn't!?) So I've rounded up some of my fave beauty products for y'all! These are staples in my life! I'm a loyal kinda gal when it comes to beauty products. Once I find what works I stick with it! So these 5 products are my beauty bff's.


No. 1 - Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

I have never been a huge make-up person. I usually only put it on when I go out for dinner with my gals or my husband. Whenever I do wear it this stuff is perfect for me! it gives me a soft and smooth coverage without feeling like I painted my face so its not heavy at all. Comes in plenty skin shades and has 2 bottle size options. I always buy the "travel" size because its half the price and it lasts me a while (again I don't wear makeup that often). It is called a moisturizer but I still use my regular moisturizer (see #3) under this. Find it here.

no. 2 - Living Proof Dry Volume mist

If I ever splurge with my own money (not gift cards) on beauty products its always related to my hair. I have been using this stuff for about a month and LOVE it! I have straight hair and it tends to get flat super fast. I tease a bit and spray this stuff and VA VOOM! Plus it smells sooo good! Find it at Ulta or Sephora.

no. 3 - Queen City Alchemy Facial Serum

I met Emily (the owner of QCA) when she asked me to teach a calligraphy class in her shop in Northern Ky. This woman is SO knowledgeable in holistic and plant based product. I never dealt with skin issues until I had kiddos. After I had my son my skin would break out and I couldn't find a product that worked well with dry AND oily skin. Emily showed me her serum and OH.EM.GEE. It's magic you guys! My skin stopped breaking out and became incredibly soft. She has a variety of serums, each one has its own purpose like fighting wrinkles and moisturizing. I use the "Restore". Oh! and yes, they all smell amazing! Check her site by clicking here.

no. 4 - Dior Lip Glow

Again, I don't wear a lot of makeup but this stuff is my jam! Its on the pricer side of lip glosses and balms but SO worth it! It's a sheer balm that enhances your natural lip color so it can look different on other people. They come in other colors but I've stuck with the "Sheer Matte Ballet Pink" finish. It's not sticky (don't you hate it when your hair gets stuck in your lip gloss? no? I'm the only one? ha!) It's very much like a glorified chapstick. LOVE IT! Find it here.

no. 5 - Queen City Alchemy Rose Water Facial Toner

Again Emily of QCA knocks it out of the park. If you love the smell of natural rose water then you need this! Rose water has anti-inflammatory properties and helps with acne. I spray this on my face after the shower and then apply the serum (#3). I also need to mention that Emily is one major boss babe. Her biz is a one woman show. Its all her! Plus she's a fellow mama! SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESSES & get some amazing product from her!

I feel like we just had the best 5 minute girl chat hehe! Let me know if you start trying out these products and what you think! Thanks friends! Try to not fall crazy in love with these items too... JK... please do! They're the best!