Hiring a Calligrapher

Hello friends! How are we doing!? Great I hope!

I wanted to speak to all the brides-to-be out there today! I know professional calligraphy is huge in todays wedding world so I wanted to give you guys some insight into calligraphy pricing.

I don't really promote myself when I'm out in public. So when I'm speaking to someone and they mention they're getting married I ask them questions to get a better understanding of what todays brides are thinking/interested in and one of the most heard comments is "calligraphy costs so much". I totally understand where they're coming from because on the outside looking in its reasonable to think "wow. $325 for 125 envelopes!?" I get it. But today I really want to share with you WHY calligraphy does cost "so much". 

There are many factors to consider...
-The time it takes to write out the addresses (for example it takes me 1 hour to write out 15 envelopes)
-The level of skill of the calligrapher
-Administrative work (such as emails/meetings between client & calligrapher, setting up address in a doc, etc)
-And MUCH more! 

Elisabeth Young, who is a fellow calligrapher explains it so well in this video. Take a look! I hope this helps you with deciding if professional calligraphy is something you'd like to include in your wedding budget.